Holy Ghost Invasion Report

Ghana Holy Ghost Invasion Crusade June 2016 Report


The Sun of Righteousness Ministries, is involved in missions presently in India, and Africa. We just finished an outreach in Ghana. Souls were saved and bodies healed by Jesus.

13480120_643832219100223_733103341_n We purchased a lot at Korkormu the land of five witches and working on the indenture for the land as it is called in Ghana.

Witches boldly advertise in this region. See below some ads.


13474028_643835899099855_585601637_n We have led four daughters of one of the leading witches to the Lord.


This is one of the daughters with me. $300 will help her start a Gari business

We need to start building immediately on this lot a simple structure at first.
See pic below of me on the lot

13480120_643832219100223_733103341_nWe plan to take the village for Christ and there will be no witch left in the village.


I have two workers from Akanteng where we had a crusade last year who were sons of Witchdoctors, converted and on fire for the Lord.

They are presently helping out in this village with Evangelist Hoffman and need to be sustained. There are three more who will be willing to join the Sun of Righteousness team if we can sustain them. They are willing to farm but we have to buy farmland for them.

We have to rent rooms for them at 50 cedes for a room and 2 years rent is required upfront.

We need $12,000 as soon as possible for this work. We are going to use here, as a base to pull down the biggest of the gods in Ghana called Akonadi at Lartair about 30Km from us. The second big name god in Ghana is called Anton Yamah in Kumasi. We are men willing to hazard our lives for the gospel.  It is showdown time with the witches and gods of Ghana.




Princess, supervising site clearing

13487551_643832865766825_1208531861_nA place we rented and paid two years rent, at Aburi-Gyankam for Church service being remodeled.

May YHVH richly bless as you Partner with us. We are a 501c 3 Corporation.

There is a 7-acres farmland available right now. Remain blessed.

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