Prayer – Who is a Sniper (# 72 – 100)

72. He has the mind of Christ

73. He is alive in his spirit

74. He Soul is subject to his Spirit

75. His body is subject to him

76. He is seated in heavenly places in Christ

77. He is above Principalities and Powers

78. He is above Rulers of darkness and Wicked spirits

79. He sets guard over his heart and mouth

80. He has surrendered his tongue to the Holy Spirit

81. He speaks the word only

82. He does not catch a cold

83. He does not sneeze nay not on his watch

84. He does not fall sick

85. He has Jehovah-rapha as his healer

86. He has entered into divine health

87. He is strong and alert

88. He is one with his surroundings

89. He has learnt the art of silence

90. He knows the thunder of silence

91. He hears from God

92. He operates the gifts of the Holy Spirit

93. He calls unbelief sin

94. He has no guile

95. He loves the Lord with all his heart

96. He loves the brethren

97. He is the Head and not the tail

98. He is above and not beneath

99. He lends and does not borrow

100. He is victorious.

Excerpt from my book “The Sniper’s Prayer” – Rev. Enahoro Francis Ovienmhada

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