YHVH’s Road Map 10

Destinies Under Fire:images

If your destiny is under the crosshairs of satanic princes or under fire, it is because you have a great destiny to fulfill.
Moses was born at the time when it was illegal to give birth to Hebrew male children in Egypt.
He was a proper, goodly (of a kind child) Heb 11:23, Exo 2:2
His parents did not just fold their arms but did something about the situation. The Nile infested crocodile could not eat the child of destiny and YHVH guided the little ark to Pharaoh’s daughter. The Deliverer was raised under Pharaoh’s nose. Amen

Joseph was a child of destiny and destiny destroyers from his own household were at work but the great YHVH was at work also. From the pit to Potiphar’s house, to prison and from prison to the palace as YHVH who he trusted in guided him.

I know of a gentleman today, who worked as an apprentice and when the time came for him to be settled by his master, instead got a railing accusation and left empty handed.

He went through thick and thing and went through “Idumota University”; The University of Hard Knocks. He wanted to travel abroad and when asked if he had a passport, he said “yes” thinking it was a passport photograph. Today, he drives a high end Mercedes Benz car and is just a step away from being a millionaire in the USA. I hope I can encourage him to write a book entitled “Against All Odds I Prospered”. His story will cause you to cry, laugh and rejoice
One thing to note was, like Jabez he cried unto YHVH to change his story. Today he is blessed and a destiny helper.

When we look at the barren women in the bible, we see that the devil did not want them to give birth to children of destiny. We see that Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah…… suffered from bareness, but from them came the children of Israel and the Messiah.

Manoah’s wife gave us Samson and Hannah gave us Samuel. All these through divine intervention. Have you invited YHVH into your situation? Is this the best that God has ordained for you?

You won your first race in life to earn the right to be born when you competed with about 100,000,000 sperms.
You are born for more than this, you are born to win in Christ Jesus.

As much as there are destiny destroyers there are also destiny helpers.
The scourge of polygamy and witchcraft in some African nations have destroyed many destinies. Some children of destiny have been struck with madness and are waiting for destiny helpers to deliver them.

We may never know what caused the insanity of the madman of Gadera but one day Jesus stepped in, restored him and made him a testimony. He was probably the man who was casting out demons in the name of Jesus.
God is waiting for you to be a destiny helper, a savior and a deliverer.

We must arise with spiritual weapons and contend with destiny destroyers. In one of my sermons, I said “the best way to kill a mosquito is to use AK-47, then his/her brothers, sisters, cousins parents, friends and all who hear of it will be afraid of you”.
….. to be continued

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