YHVH’s Road Map 11

Engaging The Enemy:

We must engage the enemy and by force of spiritual arms break out of Egypt.
imagesWe must pull down strongholds using weapons from God’s Armory.
Friends, it is about putting up a fight against kings, princes , powers and slaying that dragon and old serpent so you can break forth out of Egypt.
Deception is one very important instrument in war. The devil has used religion and still uses it today.
Religion has destroyed many destinies. The Leaven of the Pharisees or the doctrines of the Pharisees (Church doctrines) have limited people and put them in a box. I pray this will cause you to search if there are limiting doctrines keeping you bound from being the best God has called you to be. It will amaze you how many people are bound because of the “Leaven of the Pharisees”.
Here are some examples: Some tie their heads like a stone and wonder why no man is attracted to them, some preach the doctrine of poverty while others go off the edge on prosperity to the detriment of their souls while others teach humanism. Some because of end times beliefs about rapture, have sold off their goods, left school or refuse to educate themselves or make money as the end is nigh. It might also shock you that some left the electronics industries because of church doctrines that they are tools of the anti-christ. Some outrightly fight the command of God about holiness and sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, reject the Feasts of YeHoVah and many will be mad at you if you address the leaven of Easter and Christmas.
Your destiny is to be found in Jesus not in religion that keeps you in bondage in Egypt or in captivity in Babylon. Your goal is to be like Jesus – The Manifestation of The Sons of God, but the leaven of the Pharisees only offers the counterfeit.
We need to break forth and breakthrough into our unlimited destinies in the Messiah Jesus.
Come out of Egypt!!!
….. to be continued

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